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Exercises to Develop Creative Writing Skills

There are a vast number of students around the world, who have difficulties with writing essays since their skills are quite low. In some cases, they ask somebody else for help, saying: “Could you please write my essay? I am not good at it?” Howe...

added by ThornieLongmuir
8 months ago

How to Improve Essay Writing with AffordablePapers.com: Practical Tips

Whenever you get an essay as a home assignment you might have very contradictory feelings. All depends on your writing skills and time availability....

added by acronimous
9 months ago

Easy exercises to expand your vocabulary for every day

As a student, a diverse vocabulary is highly important. The more words you know, the more varied and interesting you can make your essays. A common problem students and professionals face is repetitive writing. They may not have a strong vocabulary -...

added by acronimous
11 months ago

9 Reasons Not to Stop Yourself from Writing

It’s a good question, and one I suspect most of us have faced in relation to our own writing at some time or another....

added by emilievilla
1 year ago

How many new words can you learn per month? And how will this help you in your studies?

Words are the vehicle of thoughts. They convey our feelings, emotions, philosophies, actions, etc. The capability to use words effectively and in diverse manners such as in writing of essays, articles, term papers, emails or as students in our daily ...

added by acronimous
1 year ago

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