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premeditated manslaughterPremeditated Manslaughter is when your lawyer connives your life into a living hell to seemingly justify their overcharging, late billing, plundering your rights & assets bringing collateral damage to your family provoking you into reaction of the ultimate defence! Mayuko: Did you hear about Big John McLintock QC of Field Court Chambers who stripped one too many clients of their life savings and assets? Phil: What again? I'd only heard about his ex-client whom he left penniless retired & unable to fend for herself financially who committed suicide? Mayuko: Yeah, but this time the Client reacted- ran him splat sideways with a heavily modified Norton Commando Speedster Twin 750; Client claimed an accident after being driven mad by Big John he had it all planned, I reckon: 'Premeditated Manslaughter'. Phil: Good luck using the premeditated murder defence against ... Anyhow, didn't you hear: Karma justice? JohnMcLinden had an affair with the Black Widow whom he got off for murder but her Russian gangster boyfriend arranged an execution. Of course, She still walks free!added
4 months ago
tentialA path, flow, energy stream, measured commodity, an extrapolation, an otherwise undefined thingadded
4 months ago

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