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Rinat Ben Efraim is an experienced physical therapist. She is mainly working on the medical related categories and the Hebrew category but she always like to screen new submissions in other parts of

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PLEEEEASETo ask for something in a cute way.
ASUSASUS is the acronym of the word PEGASUS, a mythical winged horse from the Greek mythology.
BUNDUSthe outback in South Africa. Bundus is the plural for bundu. The word is used in native languages. It refers to the outback in Southern Africa i.e. "I was stuck in the bundus" often referring to an area with no mobile reception.
Mountain Of FaithThe 10th game in the Touhou Project series. The game is in a sub-genre known as bullet hell. There are 4 main difficulties for every Touhou game. Easy mode is the easiest and bullet density is rather low. Normal increases the bullet density and is often regarded as a good difficulty to start with. Hard doubles bullet density and has spell cards that are not seen on lower difficulties. Lunatic is the hardest mode and beating it without using continues is considered impressive.
KUNG FU KINGThat is, "International Martial Arts Fight King Competition", is sponsored by the Chinese Wushu Association, Chongqing Radio and Television Group (Headquarters), Chongqing attaches importance to the media limited liability company, Chongqing attaches importance to sports culture Co-organized by the company and the Wushu Sports Management Center of the Chongqing Municipal Sports Bureau, it is a branded event of Chinese martial arts exchanges with the purpose of "adhering to the essence of traditional Chinese martial arts, promoting the integration of martial arts combat projects into the world, and communicating and prospering together." It is a brand-new event that incorporates many entertainment elements and guides the new concept of mass sports. It is also one of the highest-level large-scale events in the international martial arts world.
CANX"CANX" in the US, particularly the government and military sectors means "To cancel".
MachijuuMachijuu is a japanese word means "city" or in italian "città" and in spanish " ciudad"
Progressive Except for PalestineThis definition points to the dilemma imposed on progressive thinkers and erstwhile activists who find it difficult to criticize post-holocaust Jews in spite of the violent systemic treatment and illegal evictions of Palestinians from their land and homes in Zionist Israel.
YODAIt just may be possible that YODA is an acronym for the great & wise Indian Sage Yogananda..some of the quotes from the character in the Lucas sci fi film Strangely strike a parallel..Maybe George Lucas found inspiration from the great master's tome "Autobiography Of A Yogi" for thought perhaps.
Golf ClashGolf Clash is a mobile golf game available on iOS and Android. The developer for this game is Playdemic, a UK-based mobile game company.

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