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Cape Coloureds - Wikipedia

In Southern Africa, Cape Coloureds (Afrikaans: Kaapse Kleurling) are an ethnic
group composed primarily of persons of mixed race. Although Cape Coloureds ...

Klaar Gesnap As Kleurling: The Attempted Making and Remaking of ...

gemaak Kleurling – is 'we made (or indicated) coloured'. It is this making of iden-
tity with which this article is concerned. Three approaches to Griqua identity are.

Coloureds - Wikipedia

Coloureds (Afrikaans: Kleurlinge or Bruinmense) are a multiracial ethnic group
native to Southern Africa who have ancestry from more than one of the various ...

Klaar Gesnap As Kleurling: The Attempted Making and Remaking of ...

Feb 10, 2011 ... Klaar Gesnap As Kleurling:1. 1. This translates as 'Already Photographed as
Coloured' and refers to the process by which Griqua people were ...

Declaring "coloured/kleurling" unconstitutional? ? Constitutionally ...

Jun 19, 2007 ... Can one have the words “coloured/kleurling” declared unconstitutional?
Somebody called me to ask, and was rather miffed when I told him that ...

kleurling | Dutch-English Translation - Cambridge Dictionary

Sep 9, 2020 ... Translation of kleurling in Dutch–English dictionary. kleurling. noun. coloured,
colored [noun] (offensive, old-fashioned) a dark-skinned person.

Kleurling - definition of Kleurling by The Free Dictionary

Define Kleurling. Kleurling synonyms, Kleurling pronunciation, Kleurling
translation, English dictionary definition of Kleurling. adj. & n. Chiefly British See
colored ...

De hollende kleurling (Dutch Edition) eBook: Doomen ... -

Om tien voor halfvier 's ochtends zien twee agenten een kleurling komen
aanhollen uit de richting van een bekend drugscafé. Zij houden hem staande om
hem ...

Kleurling - Wiktionary

AfrikaansEdit. NounEdit. Kleurling (plural [please provide]). A coloured person,
neither black nor white. Usage noteEdit. Compounds of this word may be ...

Kaapse Kleurling - Wicipedia

Mae'r Kaapse Kleurling (neu Kleuring; Saesneg: Cape Coloreds) yn gr?p ethnig
sy'n cynnwys pobl o hil gymysg yn bennaf yn Ne Affrica ac ardal Kaapstad yn ...

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