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entoloma sinuatum

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Entoloma sinuatum - Wikipedia

Entoloma sinuatum is a poisonous mushroom found across Europe and North
America. Some guidebooks refer to it by its older scientific names of Entoloma ...

Entoloma sinuatum, Livid Pinkgill mushroom

Entoloma sinuatum (frequently-used synonym Entoloma lividum), known as the
Livid Pinkgill, is a large and very poisonous species. Perhaps fortunately, it is not

Entoloma sinuatum

Entoloma sinuatum (Bull. ex Pers.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 98 (
1871) [MB#224074]

Taxonomy browser (Entoloma sinuatum)

Entoloma sinuatum. Taxonomy ID: 285111 (for references in articles please use
NCBI:txid285111). current name. Entoloma sinuatum. NCBI BLAST name: ...

Entoloma sinuatum (Lead Poisoner) | Herb Museum

Entoloma sinuatum (Lead Poisoner) · Description: Lead-gray or dirty brownish,
slippery cap; flesh with mealy odor and taste. · Cap: 2 3/4-6" (7-15 cm) wide;
convex ...

Entoloma sinuatum (Bull.) P. Kumm. 1871

Record Details: Entoloma sinuatum (Bull.) P. Kumm., Führ. Pilzk. (Zerbst): 97 (
1871). Sanctioning author: Fr. Basionym: Agaricus sinuatus Bull. 1793. Citations
in ...

Entoloma sinuatum - Wikipedia

Entoloma sinuatum (Bull.) P. Kumm., Führer für Pilzfreunde (Zwickau): 23, 97 (
1871). Bel fungo molto diffuso ma altrettanto pericoloso, in Francia l'Entoloma ...

Entoloma sinuatum - definition of Entoloma sinuatum by The Free ...

Noun, 1. Entoloma sinuatum - a deadly poisonous agaric; a large cap that is first
white (livid or lead-colored) and then turns yellowish or tan. Entoloma lividum.

Entoloma sinuatum | definition of Entoloma sinuatum by Medical ...

Looking for online definition of Entoloma sinuatum in the Medical Dictionary?
Entoloma sinuatum explanation free. What is Entoloma sinuatum? Meaning of ...

Entoloma-sinuatum dictionary definition | entoloma-sinuatum defined

entoloma-sinuatum definition: Proper noun Entoloma sinuatum n 1. A taxonomic
species within the genus Entoloma — a deadly poisonous mushroom....

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